January 25, 2016

Just finished my first real project in the MEAN stack.  It's a contact manager that allows you to create and edit names, phone numbers, email address' of every one you know.  You can see the code here on my github.

I must admit, I'm in love with the MEAN stack. Ever since I learned how to do ajax requests back in 2005 I've seen javascript's potential.  I had to climb over several learning curves to finish my contact manager.  NPM, Jasmine unit tests (both front end and backend), gulp, node.js, express.js, but having put in some long nights it feels good to finally have it all under my belt.I

I'm particularly impressed with angular.js.  I know react.js executes much faster, but angular has a much better separation of concerns.  Just don't manipulate the DOM in your controllers.  I threw the front end of my contact manager together without much thought to the look feel, just wanted to get something working.  Once I had it all working I decided to go back and make it look nice.   I spent about a week playing around with different colors and layouts in static files.  Once I was happy with, it took me about 3 hours to go from static files to a functioning site thanks to angular!